Top 10 most popular sushi in Japan

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Top 10 most popular sushi in Japan
Top 10 most popular sushi in Japan

Did you know that in Japan there are many types of Sushi, each offering a different taste and way of enjoying it? Let's find out the top 10 famous types of Sushi in Japan!

Nasty sushi

Nare sushi (or narezushi) is an "ancient" type of sushi that is still sold everywhere in Japan, especially in the Shiga region. Here diners know narezushi more commonly known as Funakoshi, a local specialty made from salted fish and rice for many years. Narezushi is one of the earliest invented sushi in the world. Since the 10th century in Japan, this fermented fish has been preserved with salt and rice, then improved to the nigiri (sushi style of rice balls and sliced fish topped with fish) that we know today.

Inari sushi

Looking like "seasonal packages", this traditional sushi is made from fried tofu stuffed with fragrant rice, some vegetables, and spices such as carrots, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and seaweed ... The dish is named after the Shinto god Inari, who is credited with finding fried tofu.

Nigiri sushi

One of the best-known types of sushi in the world is nigiri sushi, which is made from a small handful of rice clenched by hand and then wrapped on top with eggs or seafood such as shrimp, squid, fish, eel ... sometimes there is an extra roll of a small piece of seaweed. This dish began to be popular in the Edo period (1603 – 1867). When eating Nigiri sushi, you need to pick up or hold with your hands clean dipping soy sauce, do not dip rice and soy sauce because you have mixed spices, then eat the whole piece, avoid biting halfway.


It is a type of nigiri sushi but gunkanmaki is rice wrapped with large pieces of seaweed, leaving two sides on the bottom, in which the top of the sushi is added salmon roe, sea urchin, oysters ... Gunkan means boat in Japanese, this sushi looks like a small boat full of fish and eggs.

Temari sushi

It is also a type of sushi belonging to nigiri sushi but the Temari shape is more like a round ball. Rice, fish, and seaweed are folded and tightly squeezed into a circle. Temari is easy to prepare at home and is often eaten by the Japanese at picnics, Halloween, Hinamatsuri (doll festivals for girls), and Christmas because they are easy to decorate thematically.


This is the "star" of sushi rice rolls, they are rolled seaweed very tightly with rice and fillings such as eggs, vegetables, and fish ... into cylinders and then cut into bite-size pieces. Processors often use small bamboo blinds to roll the rice tighter. Originally a specialty and native to the Kansai region, futomaki is sushi eaten during the Setsubun festival in spring. Futomaki looks like a full-sized norimaki and contains more fillings in one piece. Currently, this type of sushi is very popular in North America.


This type of sushi is the smallest when it weighs only 80-100 gr. Hosomaki processing is also very simple with just a little rice, seaweed rolls and filling in a single type, such as cucumber, tuna ...


Temaki means "hand roll", which is also the way this sushi is prepared, using seaweed wrapped in rice and vegetables, and fish and then rolled into a rather loose funnel shape. When finished, the temaki looks like an ice cream cone. Diners only need to hold hands to eat not necessarily using chopsticks.

Oshi sushi

As a specialty of Osaka and the Kansai region, oshi sushi does not use seaweed wrapped in rice, but the rice is compressed into pieces on top using toppings of fish, acorns, and vegetables ... When compacted and then cut into smaller pieces to taste, the shape is quite square, so it is also called a shako sushi or "sushi box".

Chirashi sushi

Unlike other types of sushi, chirashi is presented in a bowl consisting of rice on the bottom, vegetables, salted ginger, wasabi and fried eggs, fish, shrimp, and thinly sliced raw caviar on top. Probably the easiest sushi to make because the chef only needs to have enough ingredients to serve diners.

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